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How Far Should Companies Be Socially Responsible? Discuss Giving at Least Two Examples You Have Studied

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How far should companies be socially responsible? Discuss giving at least two examples you have studied.

    Nowadays, most people are lack of aware about environment issues, so companies should afford more society responsible. “The fact is that though business is the only mechanism powerful enough to reverse the current global trend towards ecological disaster’ (Mdx a, 2018); hence, every company ought to take more socially responsible. This essay will divide into two parts: firstly, it will discuss the reason about companies should be take more socially responsible, and secondly, give two example to support the idea. Although some person think government should afford more responsible, the essay will discuss the company should afford more.


     It is no doubt about companies ought to take more responsible about society. No much people can take empty bottles into bottle bank and other act about protect environment; in addition, the largest 1000 companies will occupy 60% of GNP in America (Mdx a, 2018). Companies have more power and money to do it about protect environment, and companies would not have had more profits if it had not take some solution to protect environment or use renewable energy. For instance, “the ecological expert Paul Hawken point out, if business is not only about making money, but also about sustaining life, then perhaps it can really make conversation profitable, productive and possible” (Mdx a, 2018, p6). May be most companies aware the things are important; however, some companies did not do it; therefore, many huge disaster was occurring by some companies, such as Union Carbide and Exxon Valdez. And now, like Royal Dutch shell have ‘gone green’ publicly, introducing various environmental initiatives and renewable energy programmes (Mdx a,2018, P6). More firms argue that is important, and them began to do it.


Primark is a good example about companies take more social responsible, and HER project was an excellent organization to improve conditions. Primark is a famous corporate; nevertheless, it not has own factories to produce goods, so it has many suppliers all over the world. These women are lack of education and law levels of literacy who are work in Primark, if they care for their selves is not serious, they will get some especially diseases; thus, Primark have an organization to improve their health knowledge (Mdx b,2018). For example, the HER project has so far helped over 50,000 women in difficult countries, 10% staff was selected to become health education trainers called’ peer group educators’, and they experience the train and get some knowledge, after that, they are training the other women, that help to provide Primark with a sustainable and ethical business model (Mdx b, 2018, P6)


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