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The Summary of the ‘friends' Episode ‘the one with Rachel's Book' 07x02

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The episode starts with the scene of Joey who sleeps at Monica and Chandler's apartment because his pet duck is sick after eating a face cream. Preparations for Monica and Chandler's wedding begin. Monica is very excited and she looks through the wedding book with a list of things that need to be done for a ceremony and with many beautiful pictures which depict decoration's elements. The most terrible thing is that they do not have enough money for the wedding and future married couple meet Monica's parents. She hopes that they still have a wedding fund for her but is comes up that they spent it for a beach house. Monica is desperate and she does not know what to do. Chandler offers that they can spend some money from his savings but not everything. Monica gets upset because for her is it the most important day in their lives. However, after few hours they trash it out and decide that the wedding will be modest because marriage is more important than whole ceremony, flowers and other stuff.

Phoebe lives with Ross because she does not want to disturb the future married couple. Ross is caught by surprise with the fact that Phoebe receives her massage clients at Ross's apartment. He is definitely against it but when a beautiful girl knocks at his door he is ready to pretend a masseur. Unfortunately, it comes up that the client is not the pretty woman but her old father. Ross is really disappointed.

Joey decides to go back to his apartment but he does not want to sleep in his bedroom because of the sick duck. He goes to Rachel's bedroom and finds an erotic book below a pillow which he did not expect. Joey teases her for a long time by pretending one of the characters from the book and telling rude jokes. Finally Rachel takes revenge and Joey is very scared.


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