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The one Book Report

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Jiro Mhaye N. Salayo                                                                             October 13, 2018

10G                                                                                                 Sir Kevin Dayuta

“The One

        Values would always have a big impact in our lives especially on our behavior and attitude because it will affect the way would act in a certain situation. It’s basically the lesson taught from either a story, movie, or simply a situation/your experience. Values can be taught in various ways, sometimes it’s obvious and sometimes not. It can be taught by making videos, movies, books/stories, or our experiences. It can also be from the stories told by our grandparents, parents, or relatives. The book I chose is part of a trilogy, since the book I chose is the last book to complete the series, the two main characters already developed feelings for each other. In this book, the two showed that no matter what happens even though one might unintentionally hurt the other, or even if one of them might die, they will always choose each other until their last breath.

        In the fight for love, only one can win. Maxon saw Kriss and happens to caught Aspen and America talking while near each other, America was explaining the truth to Aspen which is; she chose Maxon over him but sadly Maxon (and Kriss) had the wrong thought., which caused America and Maxon to have an argument about the real thing between them and between America and Aspen. “How many times am I supposed to let you break my heart, America? ….. , when you’ve been lying to me for most of our relationship? I refuse to torture myself for the rest of my life….”(Prince Maxon to Lady America, Chapter 29, The One) “….I’m sorry; it’s not what it looked like. I s-swear. I love you!” (Lady America to Prince Maxon , Chapter 30, The One) That day is unfortunately the day wherein Maxon will announce his future wife and the future Queen of Illea. Because of their argument Maxon will send America back to her home and, would unfortunately marry Kriss. But suddenly the a rebel attacked which caused Maxon  suffer from a very serious wound that he caught from saving America from being shot. He was losing hope on surviving, but despite the pain he was feeling he assured America that she’s the only one that he loved and he will ever love. “Break my heart. Break it a thousand times if you like. It was only ever yours to break anyway.” “….” “I’ll love you until my very last breath. Every beat of my heart is yours….” (Prince Maxon to Lady America, Chapter 30, The One). No matter what happens, love will always win.


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