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The Music Radio Dance Movement

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Dance is widely perceived as the physical movements that are organized into patterns with regard to time and space. As a result, it develops balance, focus, control, posture as well as fine tuned listening skills. Since it naturally involves problem solving, pattern and sequence, it therefore enhances higher thinking abilities. In addition, it promotes self confidence a sense of high spirits in accomplishments and also creativity. However, the discipline of anthropology has revealed that there are distinction in the styles, by investigating how the organized human movements functions in different cultures, in addition to how they relate to theater, music, storytelling, pantomime as well as other kind of workly behaviors. Therefore, dancing styles can be categorized into ballet dancing, hip hop dancing jazz dancing among other dancing classifications. In this paper I will write more about jazz dance.

Jazz dance classification is one that is share by a broad range of dancing style. It has it origin from Africa, before 1950s the dance style was commonly known as African American vernacular dance. However, though it originated from African it was practiced in America and it later spread to the whole world and its influence can be felt universally, hence it is a universal language as well as means of communication that can now be understood by people of all walks of life. It has had major influence on many other styles and classes of music since its inception. Moreover, it has influenced dance, recording industry, clothing style, radio and television, film industry among other aspects of lives. As a result it has become a popular dancing style mainly due to its popularity on movies, music videos, television shows as well as commercials. It is evident that people love watching jazz dancers do the dancing since it is all fun and energetic.

Jazz dance is heavily influenced by rhythms, sounds and technique of the jazz music. It is highly individual since


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