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The 39 Steps

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Drama Assignment Responding- The 39 steps-DRAFT


THE 39 STEPS [a]was from the movie by Alfred Hitchcock and the novel by John Buchan in 1935, as performed at The Cremorne Theatre and directed by Jon Halpin. It is a story about an adventurous journey of a man how to find out the spies and protect his country’s confidence from being revealed by his intelligence. John Buchan, a writer and politician, had written lots of adventurous novels during his lifetime. And the Thirty-Nine Steps, written in 1915, is one of his most popular novels.

Body: dramatic meaning:

In the show, THE 39 STEPS actors used many different kinds of dramatic elements to create the wonderful stage [b]for the audience. Dramatic movement means there is plenty of conflict, tension, suspense, uncertainty, fear in the scene = in other words, drama. The movement they left a deep impression. The actors fully display their acting skills. Bring the audience to the role, make them feel the situation. In scene3, it took part in the Hannay’s Flat. Annabella said to Hannay there were 2 men in the theater trying to shoot her. So she asked Hannay to turn off all the lights. At first Hannay thought Annbella was joking. When the 2 clowns, Hannay started to believe what she said. At that time they were in a hurry situation. Because they hear the police car is coming. Annabella was trying to tell him what happen but t he has to be involved[c]. (Hannay marches to the blind again. Peers through. The men are there, but slightly late. Hannay sighs irritably. He turns back to Annabella.) It showed that Hannay knew the situation was different. He must make a choice immediately. His emotion changed. Changed calm into a little bit panic. [d]The dramatic movement played an important role in the theme. [e]It made the play more active. Using dramatic language, it extends the emotional range of expressions. It develops creativity and spontaneity. It provides opportunities for group and self-expression. It promotes confidence, trust, cooperation and group cohesion. It also provides opportunities for group and self-expression.[f]


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