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Movie Analysis of Blood Diamond

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The story was about a civil war happened in the country where is the “heart of diamond”, was held by rebel forces that used diamonds to fund their rebellion to overthrow a corrupt government. The story of blood diamond shows that how it affected the people and changed their behaviour.

The first issue from the movie is the responsibility of a father to his son and his family. Father has the responsibility to put his family in the first position to protect their own family because of fatherly love. From the movie scene, his mind came out about his family’s safety, told his son to hide in a safety place, and he grabbed up a weapon, rushed back to the village to save his daughters and wife. However at the same time, he had been captured by RUF member. Even in this situation, he was still worrying about his family’s safety more than his own life and kept shouting his wife and son’s name to run for their life. Moreover, it is observed in the movie that the father risked his own life in searching for his son’s disappearance after being caught by the RUF members. Soloman, the father ignored Danny Archer’s advice although he told him that his son is not there in the RUF camp. Later on, there is a scene whereby the Dia, the son pointed the gun to his father, but the father still loves him, and care enough to voice out Dia’s fear and got him back.

The second issue is the result of tragedy from the civil war in the Africa from the movie Blood diamond. Wars would cause tragedy because of victimization and death. From the movie scene, the black people of RUF intended to mine the diamond by capturing their own black people from the villages and became their mining slaves. In order to against their government, RUF is has run a cruel means to take over the villages and even killed those villagers. Furthermore, according to the movie scene, Solomon Vandy was threatened by RUF leader to dig out the diamond by using his son, Dia Vandy, using a gun pointing


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