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Bend It like Beckham - Movie Analysis

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From Jules mother not wanting Jules to play football, to letting her go to America to play football shows the change she makes through out the movie. During the movie you notice how the she changes her moods, feels, and attitudes towards people. At one point the mother would be happy for her daughter then angry at her. In the movie "Bend it like Beckham," Jules mother learns throughout the movie that her daughter is very excellent at playing football and she can still lead a life of a traditional woman.

First off, Jules and her mother do not have a close relationship with one another. Jules loves playing football, where her mother is a traditional woman who acts professional. Her mother does not like her playing football and wants her to be like her; into shopping and boys. Moreover she wants her to be more like her. Likewise, when the movie starts Jules and her mother are in a bra shop, and her mother is trying to get Jules to try on a push up bra so she shows more cleavage. Meanwhile, Jules ignores her mother and walks away. Her mother can not understand why Jules will not get a fancy bra and dress more like a woman then a tomboy. You can tell this clearly by all the comments the mother makes.

As you can see, Jules mother starts off wanting her daughter to be more into shopping and into boys and then changes from being happy and accepting football to blaming football for how her daughter is. She finally realizes that Jules is not a lesbian and she is a traditional woman playing football like the girl she read in the magazine. She also sees that her daughter going to the United States will be a great experience for her since she is so amazing at playing football.

Later on in the movie when Jules mother meets Jess' for the first time she refers her to as Jules Indian friend. Then she replies, "I hope you can teach my daughter a bit about your culture, including respect for elders. Here it seems as


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