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Addiction Movie Analysis

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Addiction Movie Analysis

“Addiction is a persistent, compulsive dependence on a behavior or substance, including mood-altering behaviors or activities, despite ongoing negative consequences” (Donatelle, 2014).

The main character in the movie Flight Whip Whitaker stared Denzel Washington who was addicted to alcohol and drugs (cocaine). Whitaker lives on the edge of his life ignoring his repercussion of his abuse with lies, drugs and alcohol. It caused him to be in denial and he could not function right without being drunk and high.

I do not believe that if affected him at work because he was able to fly the plane and still able to coach his co-coworker how to land the plane. His addiction caused him to get divorce and he turned away his son because of his untreated addiction to alcohol and drug use. I do not believe that the movie showed any long term health problems that he was dealing with in health. Some long-term health problems a person that uses cocaine is they lose their sense of smell, nasal damage and they have difficulty swallowing from snorting the cocaine, and they can have a poor nutrition etc. Someone that drink alcohol too much may cause many problems in their life and they may increase a risk of variety of problems that can affect them such as heart problems which can damage the muscles in the heart, can have a stroke, irregular heartbeats, and high blood pressure.

I will prepare myself to confront the person with the addiction. I would make them feel comfortable with me and I will also make sure that they are in their right mind before I start talking too them so they can receive what I have to say to them about their problem. I will also let them know how I feel about them and how I do not like how they messing up their life and their bodies.

Addicts may also substitute one drug for another one to work the other effects of the other drugs withdrawal. They can


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