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It's a Girl's World - Film Review

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In the film "It's A Girl's World," we follow the stories of two groups of girls who are roughy middle school aged. We learn about one group of so called friends who had such a conflict of personality and a culture of bullying that one young girl believed she was going to be killed and so preemptively killed herself. In light of this tragic outcome of female bullying, the film looks at another group of girls, a larger group who have known each other longer who nevertheless have their own culture of aggression they are each trying to survive. Peeling back the innocent facade of these girls childhood, we see the violent nature of their interaction, in spite of their never raising a single fist. They use weapons they are much more adept with: their words, their expressions and their body language.

Among the group of girls who lived out West in Canada, their families and situations are not as deeply exposed due in part to the privacy order surrounding their case. It is difficult to get a clear picture of what influences the groups actions. But the young girl who admitted to threatening the suicide victim did appear to come from a family where social aggression was dismissed as normal, even expected. When we moved to the group in Eastern Canada, the family's were very open about they aggression going on in their children's clique. One girl had a father who was in the military. Having been in the military culture for ten years, I am familiar who the aggressive dysfunction that frequently occurs in the military children. Parents who come home from one type of social culture and try to switch roles into another often struggle, if indeed they are even aware of the problem, with treating their children like other soldiers, ordering them about. The children tend to be either assertive or aggressive themselves in their treatment of those they feel are weaker than themselves. Another child was adopted, and it seemed that she had been lavished


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