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This Is It - Film Review

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1. The subject, setting & kind of information introduced in the film:

It is the spring of 2009. At the age of 50, after a decade's absence from the stage, Michael Jackson is quietly performing and crafting an entirely new concert experience. His only audience is a group of technicians and dancers who watch Michael create a show that would have been his return to the stage. The film consists of footage captured during the rehearsal period from March through June. It is intended for Michael's personal library and as original firm content for the show. On June 25th, Michael and his team are eight days away from traveling to London to begin their final dress rehearsals for an unprecedented 50 sold out concerts.

2. The part of the film I like most and reasons:

The gathering of all crew and Michael after the rehearsal of Billie Jean is my favourite part of the film. It is a day before a holiday. The director, Kenny, Michael and the other dances gather in a circle while holding each other's hands. Finally, they put their hands together. After counting ‘1,2,3', they throw their hands in the air and yell ‘Michael!'.

This is the last scene of the film. I can see everybody's endurance, patience and understanding. They believe and have faith. Everyone is eager to give the audience wonderful experiences and escapism. They look at Michael with hope and smile while he's speaking. I can feel their passion and determination. Besides, Michael reminds that he wants to spread the message about love, to love the planet and people around. ‘We're a family,' he says. The others respond immediately, 'yes!' I think the concert is out of my expectation. All the performers have not just love to the arts they pursue. They also have love to each other and love the planet they are living in. Having the same faith shows their team spirit. Lastly, they throw their hands and say Michael's name. The camera is capturing their hands in a slow motion. The scene is touching because they have the same dreams but Michael leaves eventually. This legendary and talented pop star will never come back. This concert is a sorrow. However, his love lives forever.

3. The three things mentioned in the film that are the most useful to me and reasons:

Firstly, to chase your own dream is very important. The crew is really amazing as they are all voluntary to be a dancer or music instrument player. People from different part of the world fly to his audition. Their energy and enthusiasm are extremely impressive.

Secondly, love is important. Michael desires to spread the message of love. ‘We're putting love back into the world to remind the world that love is important. We're to love each other, we're all one,' he says. The world with love will be more peaceful and


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