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Alice in Wonderland - Film Review

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Date: September 18th Subject: English Ass 46, unit 1

Words: 368

A couple of months ago I saw the film ‘Alice in Wonderland'. I liked this film a lot and that's why I watched it a couple of times. Because I can watch this film without getting tired of it I think Tim Burton, the film director, did a good job making this film.

The story tells about Alice. Since she is young, Alice always has nightmares about talking animals in a strange world. When she is 19 years old, she spots a talking rabbit of her dreams at her engagement party. She goes after the rabbit and falls down a hole in the garden. She finds herself in the strange world with the talking animals just like in her nightmares. There she finds out that she is there for a reason. She has to kill the Jabberwocky, a terrifying monster. When she completes this, the rightful queen will get her throne back.

The actors are not in a real world, so I think it was hard for them to act in this film. They have to do things that never could be like that in the real world. But my opinion is that the actors did very well. It is really hard but it almost seems a real world and that is the most important in a film like this. I also think this was the target of the film director.

In the film there are a lot of sound effects. For example: there is a cat in the film that can fly and disappear. He is a sort of a cloud that can disappear and come back. When he is doing that, they have a sound effect that makes it creepy and cool. The makers of the film did very well putting sound effects into the movie at the right time.

It is a fantasy film and it's a lot of fun to watch it. If you like to watch a funny film with talking animals you really should watch this film. I really think they made a beautiful film and that it's hard to surpass a film like ‘Alice in Wonderland'.


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