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Charlie Parker Video 'hot House' and the Art Blakey Video 'moanin'

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Hard bop is the extension of Bebop so they share some similarities. First and foremost, they are both jazz quintets, which means they are the five piece band. Also, they are “hot” playings and they are mainly played by black musicians in East coast. They have some differences too, and we can consider hard bop is the bebop with more attitudes, and it is heavier and emotional. Typically, the tempo of bebop is fast, so we will feel it is difficult or unsuitable to dance to music. Hot house is a typical bebop, and we can find Hot House has a lot of “vertical style” of soloing to improvisation (e.g. from about 0:30 to 0:40), which is one of the characteristics of bebop. For example, the fist solo is played by saxophone in vertical style at 0:44. At 1:25, the trumpetist follows in the similar style. The piano solo joins at 2:09, the drums solo joins at 2:51 and lasts for about 3 seconds.

Hard bop uses the bebop music vocabulary, and it returns to the use of pop culture repertoire to reach a larger audience. In bebop, instruments play the theme together firstly; then they play the solo one by one; however, in hard bop, instruments usually play together. Also hard bop has both fast and moderate tempo. Moanin is a typical hard bop follows AABA form (32 bars). In Moanin, the piano leads the melody and starts at about 1:06. Hard bop is also known as soul jazz, and the gospel feel (preacher) can be found in the call and response part after the initial piano solo(1:14 to 1:38). The typical Blakey technique in the melody is he plays the drum in a bebopping style - takes the left drums stick quietly into the center of the drum (e.g. 1:44, 3:44, etc). It leads to the rest part of the song well. Moanin has many horizontal soloings - using repeated tones and lots of space in the improvisation. For example, the trumpeter plays from 2:10, and the space is at about 2:13, 2:22, and others. Another example is the piano begins its horizontal solo at about 9:10.



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