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The Selling Game Video

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Assignment #3: The Selling Game Video

“The Selling Game” is a great look at how marketing is constantly evolving in the world. It is interesting to see how things create “buzz”, such as the Diet Coke and Mentos experiment. I think it’s great that the consumers are so involved in the production of advertisements. Learning about how the consumers are basically able to create what they want to be marketed and how it is marketed is very unique. Having the consumers being able to see what they want to see is ideal in society today. As part of a marketing group and as a student I have learned through this video that you have to listen, learn, and then act. The fact that consumer’s online habits are being tracked so carefully surprises me, but I believe it’s a great way for marketing to evolve. It’s very interesting that consumers are being so carefully watched and how much their input is adding to marketing. I personally believe this is one of the best ways to market because it’s true that it is all about the consumer.

It is harder today to grab the consumer’s attention because they want to see advertisements that will relate to them and give them a sense of choice, be able to be in control, and feel stimulated. It is important that the consumers feel these things about advertisements, yet it is not an easy task to accomplish on the advertisers part. When advertisements pop up on the television in the world today and people don’t want to see them they can fast forward through them. Television ads use to be the number one advertising medium and consumers would pay attention to all of them. People would sit in front of the television for hours, whereas now they can skip all of the commercials. Customers now have the choice to be a part of the commercial and create the content. Input is constantly being asked of from consumers and real life situations are being used on a daily basis. Creating a buzz is ideal so that people are interested and want to become a part of your industry, as well as want to be a part of your product. Creating a buzz means that everyone is talking about it and it is popular in many places around the world.

The Diet Coke and Mentos video created a change in advertising forever. Now it isn’t boring commercials but interesting real life situations taking place that get others interested. Unique stories and products taking action create a buzz which then interests consumers. “Going viral” means that something is becoming very popular in a short amount of time. Posting videos that go viral on YouTube and other sites available for everyone to see changed the way people market. Having such a large number of viewers in such a short amount of time helped them to know they were creating a huge buzz among a large number of consumers. After the videos went viral the sales of Coke and Mentos went through the roof. Consumer


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