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Jordan Video Case

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Discussion Point #4: Discuss the major points from Chapter 14 and Readings (E) and (F) that were reflected in this video case.

“As a key player it was said that Jordan had a desire to accomplish a mission, to win, that everyone around him followed”. Not only was his dedication and commitment enough to propel himself to success, but sufficient to push his teammates to six national championships between 1991-1999. He was by characterization a leader.

In every organization there are leaders and followers; by definition a leader is an individual that influences people to coordinate their efforts towards the achievement of some specific goal or goals” (Luthans625). It is not surprising to see that leaders are found in every career on the planet from basketball to international business. In order to keep employees engaged and committed; there are four factors associated with staff engagement. These factors include “Performance management, professional development, manager support and organizational commitment. With the use of these elements employee retention rates remain high, an improvement in employee performance, and increase in employee commitment (Luthans494).

Employee Perspective is the process of recognizing individuals on their productivity and contribution to an organization, because each individual has a special set of skills they solely offer to the company. By recognizing employees this leads to high performance and dedication to an organization or set of goals (Luthans495).

Motivation for a foreign assignment applies to an individual working abroad. Many chosen individuals are ones that are seeking experience in the field, job opportunities, promotions, get away, or those with a sense of adventure; are the perfect candidates for foreign detail. To obtain such assignments a person must be dedicated and willing to commit to an organization and to the overall success of the company


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