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A Cross-Cultural Survey of Music for the Accordion (russia and Mexico) Musical Anthology

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A cross-cultural survey of music for the accordion (Russia and Mexico)

Musical Anthology

Introduction to my musical anthology

My musical anthology elaborates the essence of love. I love the concept of love and to be loved by your loved once. My musical anthology is composed of the eight tracks and all are based on different stages of love. It is very important to have the contextual information of musical anthology in order to understand its significance. The whole musical anthology is a collection of stories; these are the stories of two lovers who started their journey of love as friends. The boy was Mexican and the girl was from a typical Russian family. The full anthology is about these two lovers, who met at Russia in a musical night. My whole theme is based on the stories of two lovers that how they first met in their lives became friends and then turned into lovers. The theme of my musical anthology is a love story which makes listener feels the deep emotions of two lovers.

I am very much inspired by the true relationships and I like those people who are honest in their relationships, either the relationship is with family or friends. Trust is the base and respect is the building block of every relationship, my entire focus is not the lovers, but their love which kept them together in whole journey where there were difficulties and problems, but they stand by each other and faced every problem together. Now days, people use the word “love” casually, they don’t give importance to the feelings and emotions of love. People are either very busy in their lives or they don’t believe in such feelings, they think life is not a piece of cake to be lived by the love they believe that if we want to live a quality, luxurious and happy life then earn money. It is their philosophy that love is the waste of time. For these reasons, my musical anthology is significant. It will show these people the true meaning of love and enhance their awareness regarding the positive aspects of love.

Furthermore, there are people who believe in love and live their whole life happily with family and friends. They know the importance of quality life and want to be successful in their lives also, but for that they don’t neglect the importance of love. They know that earning money is essential now days; in life, we don’t remember office tasks, companies, degrees or presentations, the only thing which will make us smile would be the memories, the time we spent with our family and friends. My musical anthology is supporting the second rationale of above discussion where people believe in the feelings of love. Additionally, in my musical anthology I have mentioned the lifestyle of two lovers and their families, I have mentioned in the song about the special folk music of Russia and the Mexican mariachi music. Because for making people understand and feel the essence of every aspect of the story, it is necessary to have such lyrics from which people can imagine the whole and enjoy as much they can.


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