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Why Do You Think Many People Are in Jobs That Are Not Satisfying? Do Organizations Help People Craft Satisfying and Motivating Jobs, and If Not, Why Not?

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Why do you think many people are in jobs that are not satisfying? Do organizations help people craft satisfying and motivating jobs, and if not, why not?

I think the reasons that many people are in jobs that are not satisfying are due to lack of interest, lower paid, and limited career growth and advancement. Firstly, lack of interest in their work is the main reason why people are not happy with their work and find their work boring. Some people want their job to be more engaging and challenging. If their work is not challenging enough, they will find their work boring and they will not be enthusiastic, motivated and engaged to perform their work. Consequently, it will lead them to be dissatisfying with their work. However, there are some people who prefer routine and straight-forward job, if their work are non routine and complex, they will find their work stressful which can cause them dissatisfying with their work as well.

Secondly, underpaid is another reason leading people not happy with their work. Some people think they contribute and devote themselves for the company, but they receive less salary than what they should have. We cannot deny that nowadays, many companies hire fewer employees in order to control and save their costs, meaning that each employee is responsible for many tasks and sometimes experiencing work overload. So in order to get their work done, they have to stay late at night or sacrifice their weekend to work in which sometimes they do not get their over-time paid and do not have work-life balance. In addition, the increase in annual salary for most companies is less than the increase in inflation rate, which means employees must receive the burden in paying for higher prices of goods and service as well as their bills while their salary is limited. Thus, employees experiencing the lower paid salary feel dissatisfied with their jobs.

Lastly, limited or unclear career growth and advancement


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