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What Are the Major Products Under the Quiz Kerala Brand? Who Are the Current Target Customers?

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1) What are the major products under the Quiz Kerala brand? Who are the current Target customers?

Ans. The major products includes:

a) Onstage quiz shows for corporates, educational institutions, government departments and organizations.

b) Quizzing workshops/training for schools and colleges.

c) Quiz books and regular quiz columns in newspapers and other print media.

d) Designing, planning, coordinating and conducting inter-collegiate/school quiz competitions in schools and universities.

e) Flagship workshop for educational institutions called ‘Making of Quizzers.’ This workshop was aimed at helping students to imbibe the basics of quiz preparation and participate in the game.

f) From the corporate sector, state/national level quiz projects for the promotion of brands and products.

g) Other offerings for the corporates included the entertaining and informative employee engagement program titled ‘Q-Positive.’ It tested how far the employees knew their company, its products and brands, the developments in their industry, and the competitors and their brands.

h) In-house training programs and workshops for various government departments and intra-institutional quizzes on different topics.

i) Hosting quiz shows in television channels and radio, for corporate houses and government departments.

The target customers for Quiz Kerala included Educational Institutions, Television, Radio and Print media, Government Departments, NGOs and Other Organizations, Corporate Sector and television viewers.

2) Perform a SWOT analysis to analyze the environment Quiz Kerala operates in?



a) Quiz Kerala had a reputation of garnering projects on specific themes. These themes gave them the scope of attracting the attention of people who were specialists in that particular field, who would otherwise be not interested in a general quiz event.

b) Since the content was always well-researched and delivered in a professional manner, Quiz Kerala’s shows consistently attracted quizzers from different parts of the country. Quiz Kerala’s questions were innovative, balanced with different difficulty levels, and fair to all the participating teams.

c) Quiz Kerala was definitely a pioneer in the organized quizzing sector in Kerala and was undoubtedly the market leader in the state.


a) Most of the projects and clients


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