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Success Tips from Business People

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  1. Do something you are passionate about.
  2. Work extremely hard over a sustained period of time.
  3. Always learn from something, someone and from others. Be an observer to learn.
  4. Train hard. Training does not end in a day or two. Make it a continuous process.
  5. Be very strict with yourself. That is the secret of self-control.
  6. Make the best out of everything, every time and everywhere.
  7. Ability to communicate and persuade people.
  8. Make a to-do list every day.
  9. Make a list of things that should not be done.
  10. Focus 100% on an important task.
  11. Define your 100% before starting a task and give it.
  12. Complete a task 100%.
  13. Make an expectation from yourself and try to reach that.
  14. Meditate every day for 10 mins.
  15. Reduce outside distractions and inside distractions.
  16. Define comfort zone and live outside of it.
  17. Set goals daily.
  18. Review my progress on goals every day.
  19. Read every day on the subjects related to their field.
  20. Make the best use of the time.
  21. Make the best use of the situation to learn or experience something.
  22. Know when to criticise.
  23. Handle criticism properly. Analyse critics.
  24. Define your skills and work on improving them.
  25. Communicate in an excellent manner.
  26. Be result oriented.
  27. Develop excellent networks.
  28. Have a plan B and Plan C prepared.
  29. Serve someone something of value.
  30. Exercise every day for 30 minutes.
  31. Invest in yourself. Get better every day.
  32. Motivate yourself every day.
  33. Doing the right things at the right time. Ask what is the most valuable use of my time now?
  34. Work for yourself.
  35. Analyse yourself and the situation properly.
  36. List out your strengths and weakness. Increase your strengths and reduce your weakness.
  37. Rest well and get high on energy. Use first 5 mins of an hr to decide the tasks for that hour.
  38. Eat healthy, stay healthy and live healthy.
  39. Analyse the best and worst case scenarios before starting the task.
  40. Do not talk bad about everyone anytime. This will give me ego.
  41. Never make fun of yourself at any cost.
  42.  Never try to impress anyone. I must impress myself.
  43. Never compare yourself with others or vice versa.

27 qualities of successful people:

  1. Passion – They are very passionate, they are inspired by life.
  2. Hard work
  3. Persistent
  4. Rule breakers
  5. Cleverness
  6. Creativity
  7. Training well
  8. Value excellence
  9. Vision
  10. Leaders


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