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The Big Five Traits of High Successful Business People and Their Profiles

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Business Personality Profiles




The Big Five Traits of High Successful Business People and Their Profiles

Personality Profile for Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is a pioneer in the world of internet business and was influential in defining this liberty that is now essential in many world web aspects. He invented the idea of predictive analytics that recommends goods to clients based on search history and buying habits. The design has made online business proficient and more profit-rich building online shopping a better practice for consumers all over the world. Regarding the “big five” personality traits, Bezos is regarded as highly agreeable.

 Bezos’ emotional stability is relatively high because his sense of style is not what one could expect from a cooperate superstar. His disregard of business dress code  by wearing blue jeans and a button down shirt meaning he is a low self-monitor.his behavior does not change for he wears depending on who is around him. His extraversion personality is measured regarding his attitude towards society. He is an extrovert because of his desire and active entrepreneur attitude to innovation. He seeks out outstanding persons and negotiates the finest prices for the products sold on his website. This quality plays a crucial role in enhancing the competitiveness of the corporation as it contributes to the online retailing growth (Moran, Abramson, & Moran, 2014).

Bezos’ openness is measured through his appreciation for new ideas. He thinks differently because he has never been satisfied with the achievements of Amazon; hence, he has always focused on the new opportunities for the future. When it comes to conscientiousness he is hardworking dependable and organized .he is independent and loves to focus on the task at hand, how to execute it and how to prosper. He takes and always willing to take risks but only after thorough research and careful calculations on the subject

Personality Profile for Larry Page

The personality of Larry page, is one that many would discover to be  distinctive of a computer geek he exhibits tremendous introversion for he is not a part of any website of social media apart from being a co-founder and CEO of Google, Larry is exceptionally smart and analyses almost every circumstances before venturing into it. He is not social, and he demonstrates a high degree of intuition. He is never contented with an idea, he at all times  takes that thought and will criticize it until he finds what he thinks is a till superior resolution or invention ( Moran, Abramson, & Moran, 2014).


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