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Solo Evaluation Case

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Solo Evaluation

The stimulus for my dance was based on lyrics from the track ‘Noose Of Jah City' by the artist King Krule. ‘Suffocated in concrete/ It took a hold of me/ Put me on repeat' Upon first impressions I understood these lyrics to follow the story of the track, being about depression and suicide, in which the character dies by falling from a building to his death. After understanding King Krule more and the urban environment that he lives in, I sensed that these lines could also be taken as Krule's sense of entrapment in the area he lives in.

After researching and fully understanding the lines, I decided to make my dance about both sides of the line, suicide and King Krule's sense of being trapped in suburbia. For the first half of the dance I decided to set it mid-stage, as if almost hiding from the audience, showing a symptom of depression. I used a motif of a striking motion towards my stomach to show pain and that the bout is tearing me up inside. I tried to stay relatively in the same position on stage through this section to show to the audience that I am getting nowhere with my life.In the second section I travelled around the stage more and stayed small amounts of time to show to the audience that I felt trapped in my environment and that I wanted to escape my situation. Throughout this part of the dance, I used my core to create falling motions to show the idea of falling slowly. I used my facial expressions to show to the audience that I was scared and felt stagnated in this urban environment .To show the fall I take at the end I placed myself downstage right and performed quick, fluid movements moving downstage left to show that my body was falling off a building. At the end of the dance I fell to the floor and continued these motions to create the idea of being ‘suffocated in concrete'. This shows the actually suicide to the audience as well as the fact that I am falling


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