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Research Paper on Gdp Remittances and Exports

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Mr.garg and fullenkamp and chami and Barajas, 2010 using data the distribution of migrants from Africa, GDP, growth forecasts for host countries and after estimating remittance, income. They gather the data 2009-2010 they choose variables of GDP, remittances. They check the relationship between the quantity of remittances and estimation determination equation. Use weighted average, panel methods to estimate-determination equation. The result of test is no clear relationship; the income level of a given country says virtually nothing change so they change the income rate of the host companies the forecast impacts on Africans nations GDP of the expected drop in remittances caused by the global financial crisis. African nations currently benefit from their low exposure to global remittances; they stand to gain much more in the long run from increasing the amount of labor they send to other regions

of the world.

1. Review

Mr.Mechthild Schrooten, 2005 the study focuses on the determinants of remittances. They gather data of 10years from 1992-2003.they use dynamic panel-data estimation techniques applied. They use variables GDP, export, remittances, FDI. After the system remittances system to transition countries the measured GDP the highest dependency on remittances was reported that the remittances are not driven and positively affected. This is important information and a challenge for Any government. Declining remittances might induce ceteris paribus a decline in Demand and therefore dampen economic dynamics. One way out of this dilemma could be the better integration of the real sector into the international markets. Therefore the WTO membership would be an important step.

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