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Relationship with Parents Are No Longer So Important in the Present Age

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I would like to take pleasure in opposing that relationship with parents are no longer important in the present age. To begin with, relationship with parents is also known as a parent-child relationship. It is a bond that should be cherished as its bond is forged over the course of our lives.

Firstly, relationship with parents is important as it shows filial piety to parents. Parents are the one who brought us up into what we are today. We should be thankful of what they did and maintain good relationship with them, instead of arguing or rebelling over trivial matters. For this, I would like to quote from Confucius. This is a famous Chinese saying that if one does not have piety towards one's own parents, then how can one be loyal towards one's friends, country, or any other? One who does not show appropriate respect to parent or others are often condemned and ostracised. Confucius considered filial piety a neccessary moral conduct. To the Chinese, it provides the foundation for all other values. Also, filial piety shows that one is honest, understanding and trustworthy from the way he or she manages their relationship with parents. Thus, it reflects the character of a person.

Secondly, parents are always there for one to depend on. Most of us want a parent's help, advice, and support at times as no matter what they are still our pillar of support. Thirdly, relationship with parents is crucial as parents are the one who provide us with means to start off one’s life. This is so as parents support us financially as much as they could. They provide us with the finance for education, personal expenditure and expenditure before working.

On the other hand, relationship with friends and colleagues are more important in the present age. Although friends are always there for us to depend on too, they are not able to be there for you throughout the day and night. Also, there could be one day whereby friends will


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