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Personal Dilemma

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The most recent moral dilemma I have had in my professional life occurred in. I worked as an assistant manager on the night shift at a convenience store called 7-11. Every night when I got to work I was responsible for making sure the previous shift signed off on his or her assigned duties and was to double check to make sure those duties were completed. One of my friends needed a job to support her four children, so I put in a good word for her, and she got the job based on my word, despite her lack of previous work history. The problem that arises when one friend works with another friend and is in a position of authority, and the other is not, is that sometimes the subordinate tends to think he or she can get away with a little more than others.

Admittedly, I let my friend slide a few times on her duties before leaving for the night, but it was not preferential because I let others do it as well. I am the kind of guy who would rather do things myself and get them done correctly under my own observation than to waste another half hour as others go back to correct his or her mistakes. This eventually became a problem with my friend in particular and as a manager I was required to confront her as well as talk to other employees who worked the shift with her. I did not notice anything peculiar with her, and her explanation was that she was simply tired from staying up with the children all day, or that the shift was very busy, and she did not have time to complete everything. Both were verifiable explanations. It was not until I talked to one coworker in particular that other possibilities were put forth. This employee told me that my friend liked to spend a few hours in the cooler where the beverages and alcohol were kept. This employee stated that she volunteered to do it, when it was well known around the store that no one liked doing it, not even myself. It was stated to me that my friend would spend hours in there and when she came out she was especially exuberant and happy.

After two weeks of the same reports, I came to work one evening and noticed a large "Big Gulp" cup from the store sitting on the counter. I was about to throw it away because I thought it was just trash left by another employee but when I looked in it, I saw a lemon, lime, and some sort of red beverage, which we did not sell. I smelled it and smelled the strong


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