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Jody Restaurant Case Study

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Jody is located in the Central Business District. The exact location of this fast food restaurant is at the Colonial House Building beside the office of Air pacific.

The location is the strength I can conclude as i visited this establishment. Although, it is located farther away from the centre of the CDB, the establishment is conventiently located near several business houses such as WESTPAC, ANZ and VODAFONE triangle store. With these business houses located nearby, Jody's never fall short of customers.

Jody's offer its customers a wide range of pizzas, burgers, fries, and salad with soft drinks to gourmet coffee beverage available. This is another one of its strength I found upon my visit. The pizza they offer on their menu is designed for the customers in Fiji. This fast food restaurant compared with Mcdonald and Pizza King do not offer beef or pork as some customers do not consume beef ( Hindus) and pork (Muslims). I also found that they do offer on their menus salads for people who prefers to have them instead of pizzas, or burgers and fries.

Another strength I can award them is that fact that there food never disappoints. The pizza arrived after 10minutes after placing an order. the taste of the pizza compared to Pizza King or Pizza Hut is very delicious.

The restaurant itself is another strength, as the design is clean and simple. thus seating down in the restaurant for a meal is pleasing and comfortable. The staffs were well mannered and train to treat their customers with respect. the staffs also were neatly dressed in their uniform

The pricing for there pizzas, and burgers are quiet reasonable compared with other fast food restaurant. they also offer package deals to families who dine there. they also hold promotions and have a loyality card program for its loyal customers as a way of thanking them.

The weaknesses i found is that this restaurat caters for people with families yet they do not provides


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