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How to Review for the Ib Exams

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How to review for the IB exams

So, this is it. After two years of work, it is now time to begin to review for your exams. First of all, remember that your exam has two papers if you are SL, and three papers if you are HL:

• Paper 1: two hours. Two essays on perspectives. You have six questions to choose from.

• Paper 2: one hour. One essay on one of the topics that we have covered in detail. You should choose one of the three areas: Dysfunctional psychology, gender theory, or social psychology. Though we covered other areas, do not be misled. You do not know enough to answer those questions well. Do NOT answer them unless you did your extended essay on that topic.

The perspective questions: Can you do the following for each of the four perspectives?

o List at least five researchers who are KEY to the school?

o Explain the key ideas that dominate the perspective?

o Explain the attitude toward determinism?

o Explain the application of the school to certain issues, including: Dysfunctional psychology and therapy, Development, Education, or Personality development?

o Ethical issues and other criticism of the research?

o The methods employed by the perspective for research?

o Issues of Cross-culturalism

It is of utmost importance when writing this paper that you use the most important members of the perspective. If you are not sure where they fit, DON'T use them. Incorrect attribution of a psychologist to a perspective will result in the loss of credit. Remember that you are NOT to describe their research in detail, but rather show the results of their research.

Paper II.

For each of the following areas, you should be able to cite six to eight pieces of research. I would recommend creating a separate study guide for each topic and learning it well. Do not clutter your study-guide with too much detail; that will make it rather useless. Remember that for each essay, you must show empirical research, consider cross-cultural issues, and evaluate issues of ethics, method, and gender. McEG!!

Remember that through your preparation, you should choose from the following options only. HL will have to choose two questions - each from a different option. SL will have to answer only one question. SL should, therefore, prepare one area well, and then prepare one topic in a second option as a back-up. HL should prepare two options well, with perhaps one topic in the third option as back-up.


• The Historical and cultural context of the development of the perspective


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