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Apush Midterm Exam Review

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APUSH Midterm Exam Review

The Columbian Exchange:

exchange from the new world to the old world and back. Trade consisted of Animals, food, spices, and tobacco.

Important because this is how the new world became colonized and enriched with its goods.

2. The purpose of the English colonies

Trade Route

They wanted to gain gold and silver, and spices and silk, and also land.

Also wanted to spread religion to the Natives

3. The purpose of the French colonies

Fishing and Fur Trade

French weren't interested in colonization; just trade.

Passage to East Indies through N.America

4. The purpose of the Spanish colonies

Gold, God, and Glory

"Enterprise of the Indies"

Exploration and Permanent settlements followed Columbus' voyage. The world would never be the same.

5. Mercantilism

Colonies sell raw materials to parent country and parent country in return sells them a finished product(Parent country make money off of this deal)

England wanted to be the only country that the colonies sold materials with.

6. Iroquois Confederacy

6 groups(Iroquois League)







Enemy: Algonquians

The structure and principles of their government influenced the government that America has till this day.

7. Roanoke

1st English colony

People disappeared only leaving the code word on a tree

Virginia Dare(1st American)

8. Jamestown settlement


Built for economic purposes

Problems: No one wanted to work/unprepared for the winter(result of laziness)/ diseases/poor water/no food

John RolfeĆ  introduces Tobacco to Virginia



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