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Effective Leadership

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Effective leadership is not only necessary but is essential to employee morale and organizational drive. In my experience mangers have taken many different tactics to bring out the best in employees; I think this is a great tactic. To bring out the best in employees there have been numerous times where employees were challenged, praise, recommendations were made to improve job performance, extra pushes was given to excel, employees were told to make outlines for their position, make outline for weeks work, and make goals for position. In most situations managers were motivation and praise employees; this is what was needed for employees perform at a high level. An effective manager has to be empathic to employees and situations they may be going through. In an article about management Quiros (2012) stated 6 things a manager must do:

• Energize your team.

• Engage them with a robust action plan.

• Be in touch with your team.

• Celebrate success.

• Build a team identity.

• Set a good example.

There are a number of things that managers can do to make sure effective change is at the work-group level. The above list entails how this can be achieved. It is necessary to energize one’s team, engage with a good actions plan, make sure you’re in touch with your group, always celebrate success, build the teams identity, and make sure to set a good example. All these will bring about effective change at a work-group level.


Quiros, E. (2012). Remote Leadership Can Bring Out Your Best. Strategic Finance, 93(12), 16 -18.


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