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Effective Leadership

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Effective Leadership



Leadership is the capacity of a person or an organization's administration to make quality choices and motivate others to perform well in trying to achieve set objectives. According to Northouse, Leadership is a procedure where a group of individuals is influenced by the actions of a single person to reach a common goal (Northouse, 2010). Different people can be able to control the activities of a group effectively. The extent to which attainment of group objectives becomes a measure of a leader. I believe there are most important qualities that a leader should have to be effective.

To begin with, a leader should portray a high level of integrity. Integrity demonstrates absolute duty to do the right thing for the right reasons, regardless of the circumstances. Leaders who possess integrity are difficult to corrupt. People tend to perform at their best by the willingness and capacity to believe the people that they look up and report to (Tracy). My experience as a Sergeant in the Army affirms that a successful leader should have integrity becomes critical. Sergeants have the responsibility to train and supervise junior enlisted personnel and get them on an upward career in the military. A position like this often calls for favors from their juniors. It is important that any decision made is not influenced by outside factors, but by performance. By possessing integrity, I was able to help my juniors achieve their military career goals.

Additionally, an effective leader should demonstrate the ability to communicate their ideas clearly and be responsible for the outcome. A leader should formulate a vision that stands for a direction and must reinforce


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