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D: Your 17-Year-Old Sister Loves to Party

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D: Your 17-year-old sister loves to party, and she has heard about a Rave to be held at a fraternity house on the college campus. Rumor is that there will be "club drugs" there and also some hallucinogens and cocaine. With your knowledge of the effects of stimulants, hallucinogens, and club drugs, complete a DECIDE Model on what advice you might give your sister. Be sure to address each type of drug in your response: stimulants, hallucinogens, and club drugs.


1 - Contact college fraternity organization and tell them that you’ve heard a rumor that minors and those under 21 are being allowed to attend raves at the fraternity and that another rumor is that drugs are being shared and used at these parties.

2 - Tell your parents about your sister’s plans and tell them not to tell your sister.

3 - Tell your sister that you’re concerned about her going to a party with older kids.

4 - Indirectly tell your sister about your concerns by mentioning the dangers of going to parties where drugs are used.

5 - Don’t say anything to her.



1 - No longer anyone’s problem except the organization. This preserves the family’s relationships.

2 - You are protecting your sister and your relationship with your sister. Your honesty with your parents will make them trust you more.

3 - Your sister might listen and not go to the party. Your sister may respect your decision to go to her as opposed to your parents or the cops.

4 - Your sister may become aware that not all teenagers go to parties where drugs are used.



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