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Young 13 Year Old Girl

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Now, I'm going to tell you about a horrible, tragic and life changing memory. Okay maybe it's not that big of a deal but it was still pretty bad. As bad as it gets for a young 13 year old girl, so, this was the summer after grade nine, my mom suddenly had the idea to go camping, it wasn't just something she wanted to go for a while, just something she thought of out of the blue. Well, my family is pretty boring and going alone would is not fun in her mind, so she decided to invite our close family friends. After getting everything arranged, everyone finally decided on staying at a "yurt" for about three days. Now, no one ever tells me anything, ever. My parents could leave for a business trip for a week and I won't know until after they have left. So, obviously I didn't know about this camping trip until a week before it actually happened. But appartely, everyone else we knew did, and they decided "hey, we weren't invited or anything but let's just decide to go with them". I mentioned a yurt earlier, right? Well it's basically a really small room with two bunk beds, it what I called home for three days. The first two days were uneventful, just a bunch of burnt marshmellows, mosquito bites, my phone dying and a traumatizing dance performance by my mom and her friends to the song "Hips Don't Lie" by Shakira. How she even knew that song I will never know. It was the third day that was the high light of this whole trip, I was outside, minding my own business and just drawing in the dirt when this lady came up to me, I'm guessing she just wanted to take to the neighbouring camp sight people, so we basically started an awkward conversation which consisted of "Oh yes, the weather is beautiful" and "No, no one I know has gotten eaten by a bear".


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