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Company Culture: The Theme of The Company Is "the Company Is only as Good as Its People."

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Competitive Advantage:

Company Culture:

The theme of the company is "The Company is only as good as its people."

One of the highly visible competitive lies mainly with their people and how are they managed. Their focus is on a positive attitude and teamwork. They believe that skill levels can be learned through training but attitude can't be changed. Southwest invests greatly in recruiting right people by making use of peer so as to promote teamwork. They make employees feel like a part of family. The leverage lies with the people. Among other things that were not so easy for the other airlines to imitate, southwest encouraged their employees to deliver great customer service and have fun. Infact Southwest's employees also routinely volunteer to help customers in need. Even the Employees are treated as internal customers and Southwest tries to make sure that Southwest is a comfortable and fun place to work. In the airlines industry, the service efficiency is measured in terms of On-Time Performance, Fewest Lost Bags and Fewest Customer Complaints. Southwest has won the monthly TRIPLE CROWN, 24 times, for being the best in all three categories.


Another major aspect in gaining competitive advantage is attributed to Leadership. There is a strong bonding between manager and other employees at southwest, Manager works towards creating a friendly atmosphere with employees working for him and tries to figure out how things are going. Manager at Southwest emphasizes on having a professional environment but not a serious one by constant interaction with the employees and customers. Rather manager wants employees to enjoy their work and therefore an increase in productivity automatically. Serious attention is given to parties and celebrations to make employees develop cohesiveness and a comfortable


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