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Google Company - Dimensions of Organisational Cultures in Google Company

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Google Company is a multinational technology company where it is founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin during their Ph.D at September 4, 1998 at Stanford University. Google Company is initial public offering at August 19, 2004. Now, the current headquarters, Googleplex is located at Mountain View, California. Google Company mainly provide search engine service, it also provides google chrome, google mail and google+. The mission of the google company is to gather and arrange all the data in the world and make it globally beneficial and accessible. (, 2016)


        Firstly, the dimension of organisational culture that can be found in Google Company is innovation and risk taking. Innovation and risk taking refers to the employees who are encouraged to try new and dare to take risks. In Google Company, every employees have a chance to contribute new ideas to the company. Google Company encouraged their employees to participate in every events and experiments. (Smithson, 2015) This company also encourages the employees to spend 20% of their working time to think on their own ideas to promote new ideas. When a managers make a mistake while making decision on innovation, the top managers will not blame on them for the mistake. They think that doing things at a normal rate but not acting too fast or too slow is good for their company as this is a natural consequence of working. This organisational cultural practised by Google Company make the company to perform better and better compare to other such engines. (, 2016)


Besides that, the second dimension of organisational culture that applied in Google Company is people orientated culture. People orientated culture refers to the involvement of employees in the management decision of an organisation. In this type of culture, the organisation focus on every employees in the organisation. For instance, Google Company made decisions by teams. The top managers in Google Company give chances to the employees to share their ideas and opinions. Also, the company emphasise on the emotions of every employees. The company ensures that their employees are happy while working with them. Therefore, Google Company attracts many peoples to work in in and the company get to remain the best workers in their company. In this situation, Google Company is ranked number 1 of the ’Best Place to Work For’ in 2007. Google Company provides a variety of welfares to their employees, such as on-site child care, medical care, and up to 4 months paternal leaves. This shows that the company treated their employees very well and the employees will feel that they are working in a special place that different from others. (, 2016)


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