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Classical Culture

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The "rebirth" of classical culture that occurred in Italy between c. 1350 and c 1550; also, the earlier revivals of classical culture that occurred under Charlemagne and in the 12th century.

In the fifteenth century Italy had become the dominant trading center in the world. With all trade from the Silk Road passing through, Italy became the economic center, but the age of exploration and resources coming to Spain from the new world crippled the Italian market. Italian power came from the Silk Road, but was ended by the Americas. Both Henry IV and Elizabeth I granted rights to Protestants during the reformation. While Henry IV granted religious freedom to Protestants by the Edict of Nantes and ended the religious wars, Elizabeth I established the English Protestant church which would become the Church of England. Whereas the Edict of Nantes only offered legal protection, the English Protestant Church was lasting and successfully converted the majority of the English population to Protestantism. During the 16th and 17th century in Germany and Spain the Hapsburg Family rose to power. Through the political practice of intermarrying, the Hapsburgs were able to retain and gain power, but the practice of incest and powerful rival nations had damaged their ability to be absolute monarchs. Whereas the practice of interbreeding had helped the Hapsburgs to gain power, it also ended up destroying them. The Dutch revolution and the thirty years war were both fought by Protestants against Catholics. Although the Dutch revolution was fought for Protestant independence from catholic Spain and was successful, the thirty years war was fought in the Holy Roman Empire between Catholics and Protestants for dominance, it wasn't successful as it evolved into a war between the French Bourbons and the German Habsburgs for power. Whereas the Dutch revolution was purely religious, the thirty years war became about dynastic dominance


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