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4p of 759 online

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759 online

Product: 759 online was started since August, 2015. At the very beginning, the main products provided was pet food, pet clothes and some household products. After a month of expansion, there is more category of product. Food and beverage, body and skin care products are added to 759 online. Both company are focusing on selling goods from Japan and Korea, the uniqueness and price of products will become crucial to succeed.

Price: Unlike HKTV mall, 759 online is tuning down its selling price to attract more online user. For most of its products, the average selling price is 20 percent less than supermarket. Currently, there is only a few identical products among HKTV mall and 759 online. However, the selling price of 759 online is much lower than HKTV mall. Moreover, similar to their offline platform, 759 online is having promotion sales occasionally. To celebrate the opening of 759 online in August, all products on 759 online was having 18% off discount. People are attracted to make their purchase at 759 online.

Position: 759 online was first targeting pet owners who do not have time to shop during day time and want to look for cheaper products. Household products and body care products were then added to the store. Now, the newest target group of 759 online will be university students living on campus who are looking for products which are in high quality and highly affordable to them.

Promotion: The founder of 759 online, Mr Lam Wai Chung, has stated that 759 online is mainly for testing the market response for further development. They did not launch any costly marketing campaign or advertisement. The only promotional channel for the launching of 759 online was the social media of 759 store. For instance, they have updated the home page of 759 store, they changed cover photo of 759 store official Facebook. They promoted their products through the Instagram of 759


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