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“the Banquet Stele of Assurnasirpal Ii”; “the Behistun Inscription”; and “zhou Succession Crisis”

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“The Banquet Stele of Assurnasirpal II”; “The Behistun Inscription”; and “Zhou Succession Crisis”

        I think their legitimacy is based on the rulers’ connection with their god. In the first reading, The Banquet Stele of Assurnasirpal II, it describes a grand celebration Ashur-nasir-apli the king of Assyria hosted. He invites the gods of the entire land and 47074 men and women from every part of my land. It shows Ashur-nasir-apli has a close connection with gods/goddess Ishtar my mistress. In the second reading, The Behistun Inscription, Saith Darius the King shows he is a representative of Ahuramazda. Ahuramazda is the highest spirit of worship in their region, representing wisdom. In 4.33-6, “Ahuramazda put them in my hand”; in 4.40-3, “by the favor of Ahuramazda”; in 4.59-61, “by the favor of Ahuramazda I did, Ahuramazda bore me aid, and the others gods who are”. These phrases are showing a close connection with Saith Darius the King and Ahuramazda. What Saith Darius the king did is what Ahuramazda ask him to do. In the third reading, Zhou Succession Crisis King Wu, it states the king has a close connection with the god/heaven, the king has the mandate of the heaven. Only the king with the approval of the heaven can be the legitimate ruler of China. If the king loses the approval of the heaven, it will cause the king be overthrown.

        In the second reading, a good ruler should be wise, righteous, not hostile, never lie, never conceal people, never be a doer of wrong. Saith Darius the king represents virtue, wisdom, purity and sincerity. On the contrary, his enemy represents darkness, lies, disease, and death.

In the third reading, the characteristics are really clear in the middle of the article. “I am good and compliant, clever and capable. I have much talent and much skill and can serve the spirits…” This sentence shows a good ruler should be wise, talent, skilled, capable, and follow the command of the heaven.


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