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Give two ways in which Germany was affected by the Treaty of Versailles.

Germany’s army size was greatly decreased and were allowed no more than 100,000 troops. Germany also lost a lot of land due to the treaty.

How did Hitler try to win support between 1919 and 1923?

Before 1919, the Nazis were not very well known, and so when Hitler became their leader they began doing speeches and parading in the streets, this let word of the Nazi’s spread which then let them get across their views to a wider range of people. between 1919 and 1923 the Nazis came up the twenty five point programme, this included twenty-five laws that were very controversial, these laws included abolishing the Treaty of Versailles, which would appeal to the majority of Germans. Essentially the twenty five point programme was made to appeal to as many Germans as possible. Finally, their was the Munich Putsch, a protest the Nazi’s had against the Weimar Republic, the Nazi’s protested through the streets of Weimar but were stopped by the government due to the protest being badly organised. Despite the Putsch failing it did make the Nazis very well known and somewhat popular and led to Hitler writing Mein Kampf, which ultimately made Hitler even more popular.

How did the actions of Weimar politicians between 1929 and January 1933 help Hitler to become Chancellor of Germany?

In 1929 the Wall Street crash happened, this was the fall of the American economy. Germany had foolishly loaned a lot of money from America before the Wall Street crash through ‘The Dawes Plan’ and the ‘Young Plan’. A lot of Germany’s money had came from America and now they needed to give it all back. The German people blamed the Weimar politicians for the depression as they loaned from America, this helped Hitler become chancellor


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