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Case Study for Management

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  1. How authority and responsibility is important in management of workers at the shop floor level?

Authority and responsibility are one of the important elements of a good and effective manager/supervisor. The workers of the shop floor level lacks the knowledge and skills on how to manage people and distribute their specific task. In their case, when a worker is promoted in a position that includes authority and responsibility, he/she must be qualified or simply to say acquire these two elements. It is important for them or for every employee to acquire leadership because he/she is the one who leads and motivate his/her employees, to develop an organized organization. He/she will be the one who controls them but not forcing them to do the job but assigning them on how to manage a specific task that is fit to them to work on. In our conclusion authority and responsibility are important to be accountable in the position of a manager.

  1. How you perceive the role of accountability in the effective use of authority and responsibility?


Seeing myself as hr. manager of these company, i would resolve these crisis without affecting the morale of the employees by selecting one representative each from different department through shop floor level , send them to the best trainers to satisfy their skills needed in order to perform their tasks as managers and after six months of training assign them on different areas on shop floor level by not  putting them on their former co-workers because there may be a possibility that  their former co-workers might get jealous on the newly developed managers coming from their department because based on the problem they see their newly managers as worker-managers and these makes them demoralized.

7.  To what extend the selection process accountable to you if you are an employee at shop floor level?

I would suggest Job Knowledge test and work sample test. There are jobs that require candidates to possess knowledge about a particular field or discipline because they area critical for the person to be able to successfully and effectively perform the job. Job Knowledge tests are test that measure the level of technical knowledge that the applicants possess in a given field or discipline. Work sample test is a way of testing candidates ability by giving them a sample of typical work that is done by the position/job they are applying for and the evaluating their performance on the sample task. The tasks selected for the test must be those that are as similar as possible to the functions that employees are required to perform the job.


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