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Case Study: Managing Diversity

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Human Resource Management

Written Report

Chapter 13: Managing Diversity

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Allan Patrick G. Malubay

Honey Joy Lalyne S. Mandaguio

Jessa Marie Manlabian

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Mr. Jay Ramon

Managing Diversity

  • Is complex and is central to the effective and efficient operation of an organizational system.


  • Is a business tactic which encourages and celebrates individual differences to better serve a heterogeneous customer and employee base (external and internal customer).

Diversity Training

  • Is the process of educating employees, students, or volunteers to function in a diverse environment.


  • Is the center of diversity wheel because it represents a stable set of characteristics that is responsible for a person’s identity.


Women have become more assertive long after women’s liberation was first launched on 1970’s. Women in the workforce have special needs – childbirth and maternity leaves, pre-menstrual syndrome and reproductive health.

Sexual Orientation

              Those with divergent sexual orientation such as gays and lesbian have come out in the open in the advent of equal opportunities employment laws in many countries.


              One company can have employees with a wide range of ages. The teenage and early adult employees (18 to 22), for example, May still be juggling their work and school schedules. They seek good training from the company as they hope to become tenured so they could have a steady income to financially support their schooling. The early nesters (23 to 30) are beginning to build a family, save money for a house, a car and children education. They tend to aspire for promotion in position as well as pay to make ends meet in their monthly household budget. The middle-aged employees (31 to 45) are busy networking, considering second careers, seeking higher or continuing education and traveling. The empty nesters (45 to 60) are saving up for retirement, health needs and leisure.

Race and Ethnicity

            Is considered among employees, one must realize the impact on compensation and benefits, training, and work environment. In some cases, local employees are paid lower than expatriates.

Physical Ability

             Employees can vary in terms of this. There is now a growing awareness of the advantages of recruiting persons with disabilities. Example, IT accounting and office positions in tourism companies in the US and Europe are filled up by persons with physical impairments.


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