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19th Century Philippines and World Events

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Verzosa, Ana Marie G.                                                                                                              P-RC

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19th Century Philippines and World Events

The major events of the 19th century in both the world and the Philippines that influenced Jose Rizal’s ideals were: the struggle for nationalism, the modernization of living through the Industrial Revolution, the advancement of science, the opening of the Suez Canal, the Cavite mutiny and the martyrdom of GOMBURZA, the gradual spread of democracy, and the march of imperialism. Rizal was born and raised in the 19th century, a time of vast changes in Europe, Spain and our very own country. During this period, the glory and power of Spain had diminished in its colonies and in the world. One cannot fully understand Rizal’s ideas without fully understanding and knowing the political and social context of the 19th century.

19th century was marked as the birth of modern life as well as the birth of many nation states around the world, this era was said to be the nation building of the different countries around the world. The birth of modernity was caused by three great revolutions namely: the industrial revolution in England, the French revolution in France, and the American Revolution. The industrial revolution is an economic revolution that is basically the start of the invention of engines and machinery in the manufacturing sector in the cities of Europe. The said economic opportunities then motivated Spain to open the Philippine economy to world commerce, new cities and ports were then built.

If the industrial revolution changed the economic setting of Europe and the Philippines, another great revolution changed their political strength, the French revolution, with the removal of monarchial rule, democratic principles of Equality, Fraternity, and Liberty rose. Spain also experienced an unstable century of political disturbances during this period. All these political changes in Spain had an aftermath in the Philippines.

A colony of Spain, specifically Cuba, was waging a revolution back then against Spain which led Rizal to present himself as a doctor in order for him to observe the revolution. The American Revolution, though not directly affecting the economy and politics of our country in this era, had important outcomes to democratic aspirations of the Filipino reformist led by Rizal. In this era, north America overthrew the rule of the british empire and rejected its monarchy to make the United States of America a sovereign nation, it gave the world the idea that colonized people can gain their independence from their colonizers. In a way, this event inspired Rizal to aspire freedom and independence.


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