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Working Mothers Create Stronger Adults

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Working Mothers Create Stronger Adults

In today’s economy in most cases it just isn’t feasible that there is a stay at home mother in a household. Most families must have a two person income in order to make ends meet. And this leaves children to be raised by day care centers or grandparents. Many early child development specialists argue over the effects that a working mother may have on their children’s development. Some say that it really has no effect at all on children while others argue that children at different ages can be affected if both parents are working full time. Researchers have also looked at the behavior of children and mothers in both situations: stay at home mothers and working mothers.

One particular study found that working mothers are happier and have fewer symptoms of depression. The working mothers also showed better overall health than the stay at home mothers. As for why they might be happier, the authors theorized, "a mother's participation in employment provides her with support and resources that a mother who spends full time at home does not receive (Bindley, 2011).” I find that this study comes as no surprise. I imagine that stay at home mothers get really tired of listening to cartoons or children’s songs and long for some adult conversation. Some may even want some sort of challenge that employment may bring them.

Since there are so many two person income families today many children are being raised in child care programs. Working mothers can take advantage of these programs as they can have benefits beyond just watching a child while the parents are working. Children who are cared for by individuals other than their parents may be slightly more independent than other children. A high quality, stimulating, and nurturing child care program also prepares children for school, both socially and intellectually (American Academy of Pediatrics, nd).

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