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Women Then and Now

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In the pass previous eras women have not had the power that they do now in the 21st century. Not too long ago women weren’t able to do much other than be a “housewife” They weren’t able to be educated or even have a simple job. Although many people (mostly men) still don’t believe that women should have this amount of power, they still do and will fight for their power. This power didn’t come over night, the reason why women do have more power in the 21st century than they did in the previous eras is because they have more varieties when it comes to careers, women are educated, and finally women are also considered as equal as men are.

When it comes to careers, women did not have as many alternatives as they do now. Women can become lawyers, doctors and be in politics. They were considered to be housewives, “ his wife is to the household over which is presides. (The Sphere of Woman, 27) this cite is a responds that women have a position of authority to being housewives, when men have the position of authority of provided for the family. Now women are able to do whatever pleases them and they can even be superior at it than men are. Women can join the military, for many years joining the military was not acceptable because women were considered over-emotional or delicate. Being able to have the opportunity of are own career, any career, has made women have innumerable power.


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