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Women Education

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Since the day of women were allowed to participate in education and acknowledge what is happening around them, no longer staying under a well and control by men’s selfishness. In my opinion, women are as capable as men.

Living in a high-living-standard country like Malaysia, depending on a single-side-husband income is not sufficient to provide a good and healthy environment for their children. For instance, to buy an apartment in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia it .a comfortable living environment, it is important for children’s studies that is free from noise and distraction and proper ventilation and lighting parents Therefore, women should play a role as a working mother to lighten the financial burden of a family.

A working mother could strengthen the husband-and-wife bond. In the olden days, communication between men and women was difficult, this is not because of close minded of olden time, but is lack of topic between them, which caused by women to stop improving themselves by doing same everyday housework over and over again. Meanwhile, the husband gains vast and new experiences and knowledge every day. Hence, women should get out to work to obtain more knowledge to strengthen the husband-and-wife bond.

Undoubtedly, parents leaving their children in the hand of another person, the mother or any parent really becomes sort of like a stranger to the children. However, this circumstance happens only when the parents did not have a proper time management. What if, the parents create some precious times by spending some of their after working times to look at their children’s school homework, bring them for a show or even bring them for a dinner at their favourite restaurant, the relationship between parents and their children will not be weakened. Besides, it will strength the relationship due to the existence of a precious time that is worth for the children to wait for their parents to pick them up from the hand of another


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