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The Black Lives Matter Movement

Autor: Denise Rickman  •  May 14, 2018  •  Essay  •  816 Words (4 Pages)  •  78 Views

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        The Black Lives Matter movement has been effective since it was created in 2012 after a horrific incident. It has brought out attention to “being black in America.” Perspectives have changed, Lives have changed, and People have changed due to this movement. Even though Black Lives Matter was created in 2012, it has always been an issue. After being exposed to racial injustice through social media, young people’s experiences have changed intensely by increasing activism, opening of black businesses, and heightened use of technology.

        Increasing activism has sparked among our young generation. Young people feel strongly about voicing their opinions through social media and in public, in addition, some have even gone to the point to give the title of “Activists” to themselves. Unfortunately, Caucasians respond negatively to social media posts because they find the Black Lives Matter movement “racist” in general. Activism is a part of history and the events that have been behind activism aren’t all violent such as rallies, protests, stand-ins, etc. Even if violence is involved, young people see this as their way/solution to resolve the problem. Similarly, Activists such as Stokely Charmichael believed in Passive Resistance, until he didn’t have the patience to withstand the slow pace of his strategy so he became more lenient with his new strategy “self-defense” (A&E Television Networks).

        Having a black business is important in communities for many different reasons. In the article “11 Ways Black People Can Practice Self-Care in the Wake of Trump’s Win” by Zeba Blay, it’s stated how you can purchase merchandise to affirm yourself but as well as support that business (Blay). Many black businesses seek their advertisement through social media, bringing in increasing rates of website traffic and reviews. In fact, many young people have opened online businesses and do very well with their businesses. There are websites in which you can create an account and put up your merchandise, after that you have your own online store and you can share the link across all social media platforms. It is better to build economically as a Black Community with ages varying from Young to Old. In addition, supporting each other is a part of self-care also and the more we support, the more we grow. Altogether, the Black Lives Matter movement became more popular, young people took advantage of this opportunity and showcased their talents to the world.


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