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Secondary English Diary Entry

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If the men thought things were bad it was about to get worse. On March the 10 realisation kicked in that Oatses foot was worsening in the weather conditions. It was obvious to all the men that there was no chance of survival but they could see that hope lingered in Oates when he turned to Bill desperately seeking to be reassured by asking Bill if he thinks that he has the chance of survival. Reality was beginning to kick of Oates situation and his terrible pain and anguish meant that Bill and all the rest of the explorers knew that the hope of survival for Oates was slim to none. It was a dreary morning on March the 11th as the explorers woke to complete overcast throughout the morning sky. Their vision was extremely impaired which lead them to lose track of where they were heading. As Scott lead the team of explorers they traipsed through immense weather conditions carrying their 7 day rations which dragged them down in weight. The journey was taking a toll on the explorers. The lack of planning ahead didn't help the fact that they were tired and could simply only walk a possible 6 miles a day and there was approximately 55 miles to One Ton Camp leaving them short of food for a possible two days.

March the 14th lead the explorers to even more difficulties. As they woke up on yet again another worsening day the north winds swept across their empty surroundings. Temperatures dramatically dropped to almost -37 degress. The men were cold, tired and dreading that treacherous journey ahead of them. Peering outside they decided to remain in camp till after 2 o clock. This may have seemed like a good plan but only made things worse. They dragged themselves through the cold winds of the afternoon and didn't even manage to do the whole six miles. Comparing this to when the explorers first started out their journey they could march up to fifteen miles a day. On this cold windy day they only managed to with stand five and a quarter miles on this particular


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