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Qm Quiz

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  1. The one-way ANOVA is used to test statistical hypotheses concerning what?

Select one:

[pic 1]a. Squared means.

[pic 2]b. Standard déviations.

[pic 3]c. Variances.

[pic 4]d. Means.[ Page 361]

  1. Assumptions of linear programming include

Select one:

[pic 5]a. Divisibility

[pic 6]b. All of the options given [page 251 in qam]

[pic 7]c. Linearity

[pic 8]d. Additivity

  1. Which of the following values cannot occur in a chi-square distribution?

Select one:

[pic 9]a. -2.45

[pic 10]b. 0.61

[pic 11]c. 38.4

[pic 12]d. 100.0

  1. What do ANOVA calculate?

Select one:

[pic 13]a. T-scores

[pic 14]b. Z-scores

[pic 15]c. F ratios [Page 364]

[pic 16]d. Chi square

  1. In converting a less-than-or-equal constraint for use in a simplex table, we must add

Select one:

[pic 17]a. An artificial variable.

[pic 18]b. A surplus variable.

[pic 19]c. None of the above.

[pic 20]d. A slack variable.

  1. Divisibility assumption in linear programming implies

Select one:

[pic 21]a. Decision variables may take on fractional values.

[pic 22]b. Decision variables may take on integer values.

[pic 23]c. Resources can be divided among products.

[pic 24]d. Products can be divided among customers.

  1. While conducting a one-way ANOVA comparing five treatments with 10 observations per treatment, you compute SST = 42.41 and MSE = 6.34. What are the degrees of freedom associated with F?

Select one:

[pic 25]a. 4, 45

[pic 26]b. 4, 10

[pic 27]c. 5, 50

[pic 28]d. 5, 10

  1. What type of data do you need for a chi-square test?

Select one:

[pic 29]a. Ordinal

[pic 30]b. Categorical

[pic 31]c. Interval

[pic 32]d. Ratio

  1. What formula would you use to calculate the F test statistic for a one-way ANOVA experiment?

Select one:

[pic 33]a. MSW/MSA

[pic 34]b. MSA/MSW [ Page 364]

[pic 35]c. SSA/SSW

[pic 36]d. SSW/SSA


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