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Chemistry Safety Quiz

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Safety Quiz

Refer to the illustration on the following page when answering the questions.

1. List three (3) unsafe activities in the illustration and explain why each is unsafe.

Open soda container, no food or drink in lab.

Lindsey’s hair is down around an open flame, her hair could catch on fire.

Pete looks like he might ingest what is in the beaker, one should never ingest anything in lab.

2. List three (3) correct procedures depicted in the illustration.

Tyler is wearing safety goggles, you should always wear goggles when mixing chemicals.

Eye wash station is correctly marked and easily accessible.

Pete has closed sneakers on, you should never wear open shoes in lab.

3. What should Tarik do after the accident?

Do not touch with bare hands and clean up as quickly as possible so it doesn’t create a hazard.

4. What should Lindsey have done to avoid an accident?

Lindsey should tie her hair up.

5. Compare Ming and David's laboratory techniques. Who is following the rules?


6. What are three (3) things shown in the laboratory that should not be there?




7. Compare Joe and Tyler's laboratory techniques. Who is working the correct way?




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