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Cja 550 - Public Safety Versus Civil Rights

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Public Safety versus Civil Rights

Theresa L. Redden


September 26, 2011

Walter H. Bentley, III

Public Safety versus Civil Rights

Public safety has been a concern since crime became a major factor in society. Keeping society safe is not always an easy task, and on occasion, defendant's civil rights have been violated in the name of bringing justice to society and its people. A person's civil rights are considered part of the foundation of this county, and to some people should be maintained at all times. The questions becomes how much of our rights should society be willing to give up or look the other way when violated, to keep our borders and country safe.

Some say the Patriot Act which was established after the county was attack by terrorist, violates our most basic civil rights all under the guise of doing their job, which is to keep our nation safe. The safety of the general population is far more important than the protection of the rights of the people, or is it? An example of this very issue is the new immigration law signed by Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona. The laws basic goal is to identify, prosecute, and deport illegal immigrants. The concern of the people about this law which is supposed to bring more safety to the public is how many people will be illegally searched based on the police officer's belief or suspicion. The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States "gives the people the right to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures" and it makes no mention about this right being waived or disallowed if the police think something is off with you as an individual. However, this new Arizona law gives the police the right to act on their suspicion and force people of a certain group to prove when asked, they belong in America without the benefit of a search warrant. Many people are concerned this law allows officers the right to violate the tenets of the 4th Amendment with no consequences.

Society has controversy on many areas of public safety and how the police infringe on people's rights while trying to enforce the law, from the death penalty, gun control and the increase in hate crimes.

Death Penalty

There have been so many people killed in America throughout the years, from small innocent children, innocent bystanders, to police officers trying to do their job. With the increase in violence, the controversy over the death penalty has come back to the forefront of many debates throughout the world.

One side of the concern about the death penalty is the fact


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