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Civil Right Movement: The African American Experience

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Lancelot Smith

Class 10H

1/18/15                                                                                                                                                                                              Civil Right Movement: the African American Experience                        The Civil Right movement had played a major role among African Americans. Before the 1960s, Martin Luther king and Malcolm x were both great afican American leaders that stand for the same role but share different philosophies. These philosophies had impacted afican American and changed History: but however martin luther king philosophies were better that change african americans.                                 Segregation was a problem for African American in the civil right movement because whites and blacks couldn’t live in the same poverty and have opportunities as whites. Martin Luther king, a civil rights leader, believes that the solution to poverty was to abolish it so that we can create open opportunities for the poor and other blacks. He believed that if we were to overcome racial discrimination in poverty, it would help benefit those who can live in a better one. Comparing today society, whites and blacks are living in the same community and neighborhood where there are less discrimination and segregation. He uses ethos to help people believe in what is right. Employment and education was another problem African American face that led to a bad poverty with whites. Martin luther king believes that if we were to create better housing program, it will better job opportunities for blacks that afican American would be wealthy and not have to live in a bad poverty and that education would be important. Comparing today society, there are more afican American being employed and having money to live in better poverty where they are whites who work in the same jobs as them. He uses pathos to encourage people to become better.                                                                Black power was another problem afican American face during the civil right movement because African American never had the voice to stand up of what they believe in. Malcolm x, a Black Muslim, believe that the blacks should have power of voice to protect their freedom, community, and race. He stated “ the political philosophy of black nationalism only means that the black man should control the politics and the politicians in his own community”. In today’s society, according to government we have the voice to say what we think should be done and how should it be done because before we couldn’t overpower the government because African American weren’t aloud to speak of their opinion. He uses logos to prove a point that us blacks should have our own independence. Another example is that he stated, “ We suffer political oppression, economic exploitation, and social degradation”. He believed that no matter what us African American face, he doesn’t think that the government wont protect us; he wants us to take part in our political community. He uses pathos to encourage us to standup.                In addition, both Malcolm x and martin luther king have share the same role on how african American should benefit themselves but have different point of view about african American. Martin Luther king, an activist, helped organize Montgomery bus boycott, where blacks weren’t allow to sit in the front of a bus. He also made the “I Have A Dream” speech that inspired nationwide. Martin Luther king supports the use of non-violence. He believed that we could still create a change towards race and political society without using violence that will lead to death. Although he knows that the government has power over them, he still thinks that us African American can make a change. Malcolm x, an spoken leader, supported African American. His dad was leaders who organize Africa movement, but was killed by the whites. Malcolm x became a Black Muslim, which they taught him to be proud of his color. Although martin Luther king supported non-violence, Malcolm x supported the use of violence and a powerful voice. He believed that us African American voice should be heard a to speak on about our freedom, community, and race. He wanted African American to not trust the government over us because he thinks that the government has failed us. What these two leaders have in common was supporting afican American movement to a great change.                        The civil right movement had played a major role in history. Martin Luther king philosophies had change African American because we can make better changes than using violence. In today society, we are living in one whole community.                                                                                                         


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