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Interracial Marriage (overall and African American)

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Interracial Marriage (Overall and African American)

Despite any problems, ugly situations, or unwelcome situations, my love for you remains the same." Do these words apply to interracial couples? For many years the correct term to use when referring to interracial dating has been "miscegenation." Historically, this term has been used in context of banning interracial marriage and sex, or admixture possessing a pejorative connotation. The connotation suggests humans to be animals involved in mixed breeding. The first event that helped to eradicate this term came on June 12, 1967, when interracial marriage was declared unconstitutional in revising the Supreme Court Case of Loving vs. Virginia. Richard Loving, a white male married a black female, Mildred Jeter, in Washington D.C. Upon returning to their residency in Virginia, where interracial marriage was illegal at the time, the Lovings were sentenced to one year in prison unless they reside in other state for 25 years. (Fryer)

Interracial marriage and interracial dating is still making headlines, although it is widely acceptable you still here about the particular race being a sellout, the sellout being African American, men for that matter. I choose the topic on Interracial Marriage to examine why exactly certain races choose to carry on a relationship outside their race. When looking at different journal articles I found that a lot of authors choose to focus on black-white marriages, and one article on Asian interracial marriages as well. While reviewing the articles for selection, majority of the articles tied education as a key factor of why different ethnic groups choose to marry outside their race, as well social status. W.E.B Dubois made it clear in the book The Philadelphia Negro, "It is often said that only the worst Negroes and lowest white intermarry". (Aldridge) Throughout the paper I plan to examine different perspectives on the topic, by becoming educated on the issue it will be resolve my discriminatory views of marrying outside ones race.

Delores P. Aldridge in nineteen seventy eight wrote a journal titled "Interracial Marriages: Empirical and Theoretical Considerations", focusing on African American and Caucasian. The paper summarizes the amount of research that was done prior to nineteen seventy eight, on interracial marriages. Those areas included incidence of interracial marriages, casual factors, sociopsychological characteristics, and problems encountered by the marriage partners and their children. It was stated that interracial marriages had varied by state since, since many states prohibited interracial marriages before nineteen sixty-seven. Due to that much evidence does not exist suggests that interracial marriage decreased in the first half of century. Data from California suggested that evidence shown that interracial marriage increased slightly after the nineteen fifty


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