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Computer Networking Quiz 1

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1. Give two examples of an end system.

Computer, PDA

2. Which standardization body is responsible for Internet standards?


3. Consider two access networks, digital subscriber line (DSL) and cable Internet access. Which one uses a shared upstream channel? Which one uses point-to-point connection between the home and the Internet service provider?

Cable - shared upstream channel

DSL - point-to-point connection

4. There are several ways to implement a circuit-switched network. One is based on TDM (time division multiplexing). Give the name of another one.

FDM (frequency division multiplexing)

5. State one advantage and one disadvantage of packet switching

Advantage - utilizes full transmission rate

Disadvantage - packet loss may occur when queue is full

6. Consider a packet switch with multiple incoming links and one outgoing link. The outgoing link has a buffer with finite capacity. What will happen when the traffic intensity is equal to one?

When the traffic intensity is equal to one, queue will be full and packet loss may occur.

7. Explain briefly what this command does “ping –c 1 –s 100”.

Program pings the domain once and checks the time it response

8. Explain briefly what this command does: “traceroute”.

Computer will send a packet of specific size to the domain specified. The program will display the


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